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About Us
Living The Dream
On top of the world (or our corner of it) when we opened.

Sleeper is a native Hoosier born and raised in Indianapolis. After attending and graduating from Indiana University he pursued a more than three decades long career in the hospitality industry ... residing at one point in nine states over a ten year period. When once asked if he would ever live in Indiana again his reply was ... "ONLY if I could move to Bloomington & open a bar." When the opportunity arose in 2019 to open Sleeper's he jumped at the opportunity & relocated back to Bloomington. When he is not behind the bar reminiscing or sharing stories, you might find him serving his community or sitting at the end of the bar working on authoring two books.

When The Stars Align

Johnny needed the night off so I graciously filled in for him. It was time to close when Jordan Davis, host of  No Dishes podcast & a group of his friends arrived wanting to check out this new bar they had heard about. We ended up chatting well past closing  & when Jordan invited me to be on his show. I guess the starts aligned that night and led to this great experience with Jordan!

"From Corporate to Cocktails: Sleeper's Journey from Sales to Bar Ownership" | S6E3 No Dishes Pod

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